New Custom Homes in Washtenaw County

Dynamic Washtenaw County custom homes, combined with Michigan’s Premier Homebuilder, is a dream made in heaven. Trademark Building Company: Washtenaw brings its stunning collection of luxury and custom homes to Michigan’s hottest housing market.

   Bring Dreams to Reality 

Custom Homes in Washtenaw County

  • Trademark is elevating the homebuilding standard in Washtenaw County and luxury home construction in Ann Arbor. Our goal is a homebuilding process with endless selections and peace of mind knowing you have Michigan’s Best Homebuilder.
  • Each new home built by Trademark is exclusively unique and tailored to your family. Our vision is to build the homes Michigan desires with stunning colors and patterns, trending designs, and the very best appliances and accents.

The discriminating Washtenaw homebuilder can bring their distinctive tastes and vision to Trademark for a quality of home no other builder can match.

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   Why Choose  

Trademark Building Company

Here are a few of the distinctive reasons why the discerning Washtenaw buyer chooses Trademark:

We deliver luxury homes like no other

From the latest trends in construction to ambient lighting and custom touches. Our design staff listens to every want and need our clients demand. Choose from the finest selection of kitchen appliances, custom backsplashes, and quality cabinetry the market offers.

Trademark features an endless selection of stunning exterior and interior treatments

Choose vibrant colors for your living areas or subtle tones to set a mood.

Choose from multiple architectural styles

Traditional, contemporary, or provincial. The world is open. Your design team will help you choose the perfect windows and trim for every room and all the other delicious decisions. You are making the home truly yours.

We tailor your homebuilding experience to exactly what your dreams demand. Our great suppliers ensure you get the designs you want and the best products and services available. When you think about how your life functions, Trademark brings those visions to life.

Trademark’s Process and What to Expect

When building a home in this beautiful area of Washtenaw, Michigan, the only name to consider is Trademark Building Company. Five decades of delivering luxury homes exactly as the buyer wants, bringing stellar reviews from past clients. Our process of building Michigan homes is unmatched.

Building your custom dream home with Trademark is
one of life’s most exciting adventures..

Licensed and fully insured wherever we work, we proudly serve Washtenaw County and the Greater Ann Arbor market area. Our design focus is on the latest trends in residential exteriors and interiors.

The benefits of crafting your custom home with Trademark Building Company are that you get to design and select the majority of elements that make up your new residence.

Building Your New Custom Home in Washtenaw

Trademark’s building timeline consists of several pre-defined steps in a well-planned sequence. Everyone’s experience is unique and exciting, with some steps taking longer than others. However, Trademark’s basic roadmap has remained the same for decades.

Make your initial phone call to the Trademark offices, and we will begin crafting your new home in Washtenaw. We have simple forms and questionnaires you can fill out to get to know you better and let us prepare for your visit with a Trademark design professional.

Site acquisition significantly impacts your home’s overall design, including placement, views, and landscaping. Your building lot should be secured and ready to start construction. If you prefer one of Trademark’s stunning tracts, speak to your coordinator.
Clear communication and trust are the backbone of our business. Our transparent way of doing business sets our clients at ease so we can build trust.

Our design and vision is when the process of building your new home becomes amazing and fascinating. Bring any photos, sketches, or home examples that inspire your family and those must-have features to your meeting. Remember, depending on the size of the home, there are several areas and rooms that need to be accounted for. Your design team will provide a wide range of custom home plans and trending styles. This step defines your vision.
Trademark’s virtual design studios offer custom views and trends for every room in the house. Consider all the possible flooring options and construction styles. Look to the future, and what makes you smile every morning with that cup of coffee? What does the future hold for a unique backsplash or custom cabinetry?

Your Trademark team will walk you through each step in the design process, offering guidance and advice on the latest trends.

Construction begins, and the process goes from paper to a 3-dimensional object made from your vision. Our construction team prepares the site for pouring the foundation, then rough framing, plumbing, and electrical. Insulation is being installed along with exterior trim, driveways, and walkways are formed and poured. Windows and doors are framed and installed, including interior trim, appliances, and flooring. This step is exhilarating. Undoubtedly, a host of decisions will be needed during the construction phase.

As the process nears competition, plans are made to move everyone into their new home.

Finishing Touches and Move-in

The day has finally arrived, and your new home is complete and ready for the walk-through with your Builder. Bags and trucks of belongings are carried into the home with perfect placement for every precious item.


Your Builder will schedule a time for you and the family to sign off on the new construction. Trademark Custom Building is excited to see this step and new, life-long friends occupying their dream home.

The Builder walks you through each room of the home and points out features and processes every family member needs to know. If something is out of place, a color needs to be changed, or something is not as visioned, let the Builder know and write everything down. The Builder should have a written checklist for the homeowner to check off each feature.

The Builder will make sure you understand your homeowner warranties and all that is covered. The more details you have in writing, the better your peace of mind.

Once you have your Certificate of Occupancy from the state, move in and enjoy your new Trademark Home.