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Building your dream home is one of the most fulfilling experiences in life. Are you in Michigan and want to make your dream house a reality with exquisite and high-quality railings and stairs? Trademark Building Company Inc. is the best custom home builder in Michigan that you can trust to install your Viewrail staircases.

Why you Should Choose us

Trademark Building Company Inc. is a certified installer and retailer for Viewrail. We have been installing custom railings and staircases on-site for years, and with all that experience, we are satisfied with Viewrail's variety of sections, quality, and professionalism. That is why we remain the top Michigan Viewrail stairs installer.

Viewrail raw materials are not only locally produced, they are also domestically sourced. For both new construction and renovations to your existing staircase, Viewrail has a wide selection of modern stair treads to suit any need. Expert artisans who take great pride in the finished product create each stair tread in View Rails facilities in the United States.

The wood stair parts have the highest quality since their making comprises high-quality machinery, lumber, and furniture-grade finish. So when you choose us, you are guaranteed to have high-quality Viewrail products installed in your home.

Another reason to choose us is we make the entire installation process easy and 100% transparent. As soon as the product is ready, Viewrail will take all the appropriate steps to ensure its safe and timely delivery to the job site. We also make sure you receive continuous updates on the project status.

Additionally, we have licensed, insured, and properly vetted staff who can assist you in selecting the most suitable product for your needs and financial situation. With our superior craftsmanship, you can be sure of artistic and innovative home designs with Viewrail and have the best products constructed to fit your site.

Furthermore, there will be less on-site installation time because of the high-level engineering built into the product at the factory. And after tidying up and walking through the entire project with you, the product will last a lifetime.

Services We Offer

Do you wish to renovate your home and remove installed traditional railings because they close off your space? We can help you install glass railings from Viewrail to open up your view without compromising safety. In addition, we will help you choose the most suitable for your project between tempered and laminated glass panels.

You can be sure to have glass railings that are safe, strong, and easy to maintain installed in your home because they :

  • Are wind resistant
  • Are stronger than what the code requires
  • Easy to clean by spraying and wiping, just like windows
  • Do not need adjusting or re-tensioning

We can also install ViewRail cable rails for custom home owners that want to replace traditional wood railing with something modern, refreshing, and sharp. We have the best team to handle this, ensuring your home's curb appeal and overall aesthetic are enhanced.

The best Viewrail floating staircases, designed to conceal the supporting structures and make it seem that the stair treads are floating, are another product we can help you install. Remember that floating stairs are a fantastic choice for any project (indoor or outdoor). Thus, our services are not limited to indoor projects; we also provide outdoor solutinos.

What’s more? As experienced ViewRail floating stairs builders, we can pair these floating staircases with whatever kind of modern railing system you like, including glass, cable, or rod railing. We can offer elegant home construction in Michigan with Viewrail staircases.


It is possible to have perfect custom homes with Viewrail Railing if you choose Trademark Building Company Inc. Our previous projects and reviews on Google are solid proof of our exceptional service.

So if you are ready to work with the best modern home builders in Michigan that are familiar with Viewrail, contact us right now. Let us take the installation burden off your shoulders and help you install the best quality and aesthetically pleasing steps and handrails of your dreams.

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