Custom Home Builder in Livingston County

Custom home building in Livingston County, Michigan, is an ever-changing and exciting experience. Few builders can meet the luxury demands of trendy, upcoming buyers in this exciting community close to a resurgent Detroit.

Trademark Building Company offers its customers new and exciting views when building a custom home. The possibilities with Trademark are endless. Choosing a luxury home design from Trademark is a wise decision. No other building company can match our experience and resources. Using our building centers or in-home visits will offer endless customization opportunities.

Trademark’s professional staff will help with the myriad of decisions on roofing, countertops, lighting, paint colors, flooring, siding choices, and much more.

       At Trademark 

Trademark Building Process

At Trademark, we use only the finest materials and third-party contractors to construct the finest homes in Livingston County. Our standard features are considered premium upgrades by other builders. We have cultivated only the best resources available to any Michigan builder for over five decades.

Our goal is to create the perfect home for our clients. Each home we build has the Trademark quality and the owner’s vision. Building your home with Trademark is an exciting venture that allows you to create the perfect living space for your family. Even though building your new home may seem daunting, with careful consideration and expert advice from Trademark Professionals, you can set the foundation for your future.

Once your land is secure

Either from an outside source or a building lot in one of Trademark’s exclusive communities, take the time to find the perfect location for your future.

After you have found the perfect home design

Make it indeed your family’s by adding personal touches, such as hardwood flooring in the great room, a screen porch off the kitchen, or maybe a fireplace in the master bedroom. Now is the time to make structural changes to your home’s design. Trademark’s team will show you the options available for your home design.

Trademark’s exceptional in-house design team will introduce each family member to a broad array of interior and exterior color choices and finishes. Reach out to a Trademark consultant today and get your dreams started.

Once the homeowner understands the process

construction loans and converted mortgages are much less complicated. Building your Trademark home is extremely exciting, only if you know the ins and outs of the entire process. Thorough planning and clear communication between each party is a requirement.

*Before the loan is issued, Your bank wants to see a clear path to a completed Trademark Home; a projected budget, plans, and a construction timeline are required.

*The disbursement of your loan or draws and schedule is a collaboration between the bank, you, and Trademark. Your Trademark Consultant is helping each step of the way. Once Trademark has completed its work, the bank and homeowner agree on a long-term repayment or mortgage, and the happy family moves into their new Trademark Luxury Home.

Your family, bank, and Trademark want a smooth and efficient building process.

This factor depends on thorough planning and good communication with your Trademark Builder. Familiarize yourself with each step in the process, such as the draw schedule and repayment terms after construction.

Trademark is committed to transparent communication and a delighted customer. The Trademark staff is available to answer any questions or concerns. Trademark offers the ultimate in customization on the many home designs we offer. We are happy to add that “special touch” to make the home yours: walls, rooms, colors, and unique features. Consider it done!

Final Walk-Through

Your Trademark Consultant will keep you updated on each stage of building your new home. Please ask questions and always visit the construction site.

The steps we follow:

  • Grading your property, pouring the foundation, and roughing in your home’s frame.
  • Exterior doors, windows, and siding are installed
  • Plumbing, HVAC, and electrical are installed and finished as rooms allow.
  • Major appliances and add-ons are installed.
  • Drywall and Insulation.
  • Cabinetry, flooring, and interior trim are installed as rooms allow

Contact us today!

Trademark knows your dream journey of building a new home does not stop here; it is only the beginning. Your Consultant will guide you through the stages of your Final Walk-Through and moving into your new Trademark Home.

We delve into ensuring your family is familiar with your new Trademark Home, the maintenance requirements, and the Homeowner’s Warranty. Please become familiar with how your new home operates, and Our Consultants will get you comfortable with how everything works. Ask as many questions as possible.

The walk-through is a spotlight on the details. Be attentive when viewing countertops and surfaces, fixtures, floors, tubs/showers, and walls for damage. Trademark wants to be absolutely sure you are pleased with your new home. We want to eliminate any problems now instead of in the future. Your walk-through is designed to inspect and document the condition of your new home to prevent any disputes.

Peace of Mind

Trademark wants to build a home your family will cherish for years to come. We guarantee your satisfaction with a one-year comprehensive warranty covering all structural features of your new home.

Every home we build comes with an additional two/ten year home warranty, providing additional peace of mind. Our guaranteed transparent pricing and clear communications are fundamental to the Trademark approach. No surprises, just peace of mind.

       Trademark’s reputation 

Trademark Building Company

Trademark’s reputation speaks for itself. We have been an integral part of Michigan and its building culture for over five decades. Our dedicated team is committed to our current clients and the hundreds of satisfied Trademark neighbors. We aim to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to reliability, dependability, and exceeding all expectations.

Trademark has set the bar high for residential construction in Michigan. We use only the finest materials and trusted subcontractors, ensuring excellence in every step of the building process.  

Trademark-building artisans are devoted to customer service and always remain accessible. Trademark Consultants can answer your questions and help with any support issues. Call our offices when you need assistance. No more fine print and unexpected costs; we want to ensure your empowerment and confidence throughout the entire building process.