Custom Home Builder Servicing Rochester and the Surrounding Areas Call Today and We Can Start Designing Your New Custom Home!

Custom Home Builder Servicing Rochester and the Surrounding Areas Call Today and We Can Start Designing Your New Custom Home!

Custom Home in Rochester and Rochester Hills, Michigan 

If you're looking to get a great home within the range of $700,000 to $2,000,000 in Rochester and Rochester Hills, Michigan, building from scratch can be a expensive and time-consuming process. From buying the land to moving into your custom-built home is undoubtedly a complex process that is stressful and confusing. You'll need answers to questions like:

— What is the average cost of building a home?
— What down payment will it take to build a $2,000,000 custom home?
— What size of home can $700,000 get me?

It can also be hard to find the right builder, architect, or construction company for your project.

The process of buying a new house in Michigan can seem overwhelming at times because there are so many decisions to make. You have to find the right neighborhood, get financing, choose the right builder and work with architects on your designs. It's easy to lose sight of what you're really trying to achieve—the perfect house for you!

There are many different options when it comes to the custom building of your dream home in Rochester and Rochester Hills. You could decide to build from scratch yourself but that will take years and cost you a fortune. You could buy an existing house, but you'll have to deal with remodeling everything before moving in. Or you could hire a professional team of architects and builders who will help you throughout the entire process so that it's smooth sailing all the way.

4 Important Considerations When Planning for a $700,000 - $2,000,000
Custom Home in Rochester Hills

The average cost of building your custom home can be significantly determined by the location, quality of materials, cost of labor, and size.

Here are a few things you should consider when building your custom home:

Square Footage 

To keep the cost of your home within $700,000 - $2,000,000, you'll need to get a land size of about 5000 to 125000 square feet. A large square footage implies more cost. This is because the larger your space, the more materials you will need to build your custom home to perfection.


The materials you'll need for your home building may take half the percentage of your budget. Make sure to liaise with your home builder to get materials that fit your budget as well as your standard.


The size and sophistication of your home will determine your labor force. Larger homes require more labor than smaller ones.

Special Features

Fixtures and Fittings such as lighting, flooring, roofing, cabinets, countertops, paint, etc., can make up another third of your estimated cost.

Common Client Fears When Choosing a Home Builder in Rochester

Maybe you've had a terrible experience with your former builder. You probably agreed on a specific design and plan, only to receive the shock of a different home.

Or perhaps you have doubts on whether your work will be completed within the expected timeframe. You may also be thinking - "Will my budget meet the cost? How am I sure they will deliver?"

Here are a few fears we've figured clients face when building their homes:


Quality ranks number one in client fears of choosing a home builder. The standard of materials used in building and the level of the builder's expertise are essential factors that shouldn't be neglected.

A low-quality home can be seen in the following:

— Zero longevity
— High level of maintenance
— Structural issues like walls cracking and flooring issues
— Renovation needed in future


Most times, the builder's price for building a home goes way beyond your budget. Problems arise when you can't take the budget up, and the builder is unwilling to compromise.


The fear of not having your desired custom home to your specification and satisfaction is real and can be really disheartening.

Time and Communication

In custom home building, clients anticipate a timeframe for their home. Unfortunately, the building project might take longer than expected in the long run. This can result from the irregular update and breach of communication between both parties.

Why Choose Us As Your New Home Builder in Rochester?

The Trademark Building Company has been designing homes for three generations, so we know what works best in terms of architectural styles and design elements like flooring materials, kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, etc. We also understand how important it is for our clients' schedules which is why we use only highly skilled craftsmen who work quickly yet efficiently while keeping costs low.

We don't just build you a home, we build custom homes precisely to your specification and satisfaction.


We keep our costs as affordable and flexible as possible to build a home that fits your budget and lifestyle. We understand that every person has a different budget, that is why we take our time to go through your design and selections.

If your cost does not meet your budget, we help you revise the design. So that the cost and your budget can meet in the middle - a win-win.


We bring your distinctive vision to life with our unique design. You will have access to a wide range of custom home designs and styles of building.

Trademark virtual design studios can provide custom views for every room in the home. You can check out possible flooring options, a unique backsplash, and kitchen cabinets that'll make you smile every morning when grabbing that needed cup of coffee.

Our professional team at Trademark Building Company walks you through the design process, offering you professional advice and guidance on the latest trends in home design from ground to top.

We are passionate about your dream home and that's why we make it absolutely sensational - to bring you lasting memories and comfort.


Rochester Hills builder delivers a custom home solution at the quality level. We make use of high standard and long-lasting materials.

Time and Communication

We bond with our clients to have a good communication flow. You are a part of our team, hence when we give you a timeframe for the building completion, we keep to it.

We take time to think, plan and set priorities, then launch quickly and strongly towards a deadline. Our integrity matters to us.

Need Assistance Financing Your Dream Home?
We Can Help!

We know the hardest part of financing your custom home is knowing where to start - but we're here to help! We can put you in touch with our experts who can answer all your financing questions and have the financial tools to help make your dream home a reality.