Custom Home Builder Servicing Birmingham and the Surrounding Areas Call Today and We Can Start Designing Your New Custom Home!

Custom Home Builder Servicing Birmingham and the Surrounding Areas Call Today and We Can Start Designing Your New Custom Home!

Expert Custom Home Builders Servicing Birmingham Michigan 

Whether you are on a tight schedule or limited budget, residents of Birmingham, Michigan, and surrounding areas, have the finest Custom Home Builder in the state of Michigan with Trademark Building Company Inc.

Building an existing floor plan from Trademark or let our designers craft the perfect residence or commercial space is full of many beautiful choices. Trademark offers a variety of design- build and custom home building services to our neighbors in Oakland County.

Trademark and the great people of Birmingham are a perfect fit.

Quality is at the Forefront of Everything We Do

Trademark is proud of our craftsmanship and heritage; we never compromise on having high standards in everything we do.

Our quality control processes are the foundation for the successful completion of your construction project. Whether it be standard, craftsman, modern farmhouse, contemporary, full modern, AZD or anything in between we want to talk with you.

Custom Home Builder in Birmingham

We offer unrivaled construction management features to give our prospective property owners and the best homebuilding experience possible. Trademark is a premier custom home builder in Birmingham Michigan, and beyond, and We are proud to serve our neighbors.

Providing great perks to our homeowners:

  • From day one, talk with your builder directly and cut out the middle layers. Design your new home “Exactly” the way you wish.
  • Hundreds of custom home designs and trends are made available to our builders. You will have access to architectural styles from around the world.
  • Warranty technicians continue to come back looking to repair paint and drywall for our clients.
  • Your dreams are just as important to Trademark Homes. We use only professional and fully vetted sub-contractors and artisans.

Need Assistance Financing Your Home?

Click Here for the Preferred Rates of Our Neighbors in Birmingham, Michigan, and all surrounding areas.

We have lenders for the following loan types:

  • Construction Financing
  • Condominium Loans
  • LMCU Renovation Mortgage

Luxury Residential and Commercial Trends in Birmingham

Birmingham offers some of the best mixes of urban and rural living in the state. Over 1200 homes for sale in 160 communities in this dynamic, growth area. On the high side, homes start at $749K to $949K, with the least expensive home priced at $216,990.

Trademark Building Company Inc. can fill various custom home products, design services and styles in this growth area; We are a Premier Builder of Custom Luxury Homes and dynamic multi-family properties.

Create your best brand with a custom modern home from Trademark Building Company Inc. Superior craftsmanship and attention to detail catapults Trademark over every other brand in Birmingham. Floor to ceiling windows, dynamic commercial grade exteriors, open layouts, tall ceilings, and quality design are all trends on the rise in this and surrounding areas. Some decreeing customers who can tell the deference crave a higher quality of design and finish beyond the typical American home. Full modern homes like those designed by AZD Associates, (Kevin Ackey), are something extra that sets the homeowner apart from their neighbors.

Expand your horizons and take control of your life. Designing and building your vison of a custom home is an energizing experience. Join our team of top-quality architects and designers to deliberately create your dream home.

Home/Basement Remodeling and Finishing

Be careful with pricing on this home area; framing an unfinished basement can be very expensive due to all the waste in a renovation. Lumber prices are stabilizing . Time your project when other less experienced remodelers are finishing theirs—lots of bargains at this time of the year.

IMHO the value of a finished basement is in its added square footage. There are many good-looking trends in basement remodeling and its integration with the rest of the structure.

Our meticulous planning with vibrant designs makes Trademark the only homebuilder of choice in the Birmingham area for a top-quality finished basement.

The artisans of Trademark have the experience to complete any residential or commercial structural design. We know the importance of keeping possessions dry/safe, and we work well with tight time-frame construction needs.

Renovations and rebuilds are always required to keep your home investment relevant in the neighborhood and keep your investment safe.

Three ways to increase your home’s value.

  • Create income property by adding a kitchen and bathroom, then rent the space out.
  • Add another bedroom, so your property compares favorably to other one-bedroom or fewer properties.
  • Improve the property value by adding usable space to your home.

Commercial Build-Outs in Birmingham, MI

If your business has come to the point of needing your own space or you are simply outgrowing your current facilities, you Need Trademark Building Company Inc. We pride ourselves in executing a commercial buildout project on time and within any budget.

We understand all the different questions a business client may have. Our Construction Managers will keep you up to date at every stage. Let us know when you want to be notified.

Trademark Building Company Inc. offers superior quality over its competitors and the absolute attention to detail our clients expect. Trust Trademark Building Company Inc. with all your buildout needs. If you want your employees and colleagues to know your company is rising fast, build with Trademark.

Home Remodeling in Birmingham, Michigan

Your General Contractor will bring in a myriad of professional services and other qualified personnel to get the ball rolling. Elevate the aesthetics of your home by adding space to your basement, an added bedroom, and the quality of your General Contractor.

Trademark Building Inc. is an established and highly vetted contractor in Birmingham, Michigan. We design and complete home and commercial properties across the state of Michigan.

Remodeling projects are traditionally fraught with budget problems and time constraints. Commodity prices like lumber can turn on a dime, wreaking havoc with the budget. Make sure every dollar you spend counts toward that remodeling project.

Trust home remodeling trends to a builder that has designed them all. Clean designs, contemporary elements, and classic settings remain in focus. The younger generation is clamoring for high-tech designs and installs of lofty equipment.

Our team of engineers pays close attention to the needs of our clients. Added USB ports and station charging are added as part of the foundation.

Full installs of a specialty space like a basement, price -points can be prohibitive. Pick and choose what is immediate and necessary, work with our professionals and create the best-added space for your home.

Something Above Extraordinary

Trademark Building has hundreds of prebuilt home designs waiting for your input to personalize. We are continually looking for new trends in building and continuously strengthening our classic portfolio.

Contact one of our designers to get the ball rolling you’re your new home remodel or build. We are anxious to speak with you.

Need Assistance Financing Your Dream Home?
We Can Help!

We know the hardest part of financing your custom home is knowing where to start - but we're here to help! We can put you in touch with our experts who can answer all your financing questions and have the financial tools to help make your dream home a reality.