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No matter your budget restriction or schedule, you can rely on Trademark Building Company Inc. to build your dream homes from the ground up.

If you live in or want to move to Bloomfield Township, Bloomfield Hills and West Bloomfield, and you've been looking for a way to make your dream custom home a reality, Trademark building company is now within your reach.

Residents of these Bloomfield areas who have gotten their dream homes from us can vouch for our level of quality and feeling of luxury our custom homes bring.

We also offer a variety of custom home designs and home building services to our homeowners in the Bloomfield area.

Building the home of your dream in Bloomfield MI

Deciding to build your home can come with a lot of emotions. Amazingly, we fully understand the journey involved for you as an aspiring homeowner, which is why we are committed to giving you a stress-free building experience.

Trademark Building Company has an amazing design team that's willing to walk you through each step of the building process. We also have a plethora of design collections you can choose from to customize each area of your home the way you wish.

We provide you with options even for the tiniest detail of your home and this is because we would want to make the house truly your home. Unfortunately, not many home builders are willing to go the extra mile for their customers as much as we do.

Trademark building company is committed to bringing satisfaction to the residents of Bloomfield Township, Bloomfield Hills and West Bloomfield. Therefore, quality construction is an important part of our values as a company.

Like we've mentioned, building your new home is a journey, and each step to making your dream home a reality is a milestone that should be celebrated. Our response to this journey was developed by actively listening to our Bloomfield families over the years.

The milestones attained while building your home are:

Breaking the ground and laying the foundation

Selecting your home site is such a big deal. Sometimes, it can take months to eventually decide where you'd want to have your building erected.

Once the home site has been selected and your home design is set, then you can celebrate as groundbreaking and foundation laying begins for your new home in any of the Bloomfield cities.


This is the next stage of your house-building projects that can be encouraging. And at this stage, Trademark uses only the best lumber and insulation materials to make your home safe and efficient.

Testing, construction, and interior finishing

Yet another milestone that's worth celebrating. Pretty sure every homeowner can attest to this. However, at Trademark building company, we are quality-oriented. Each step of the way, your home is inspected for quality.

Therefore, we ensure that every aspect of your home is done to your taste. This is why we are one of the best custom home companies you'd ever find.

Your New Home in Bloomfield Michigan

At this stage, we complete a final walk-through before we begin the finishing touches. On your move-in day, we conduct an extensive home orientation to be sure everything was done just the way you requested.

When it comes to home building, Trademark building company is the best.

What makes a valuable home?

One of the many things that make a home valuable is the quality of materials used in building that house. Trademark Building Company Inc do not only focus on giving you a beautiful home but a home that'll last the test of time.

However, if you're already a homeowner and you're looking for ways to increase the value of your home, then here are some tips on how that can be achieved.

  • Upgrade the high value rooms in your home. That's your kitchen and bathroom space. These are the rooms in a house that makes the strongest impression on home buyers
  • Clean up your landscape in the front. Remember first impressions matter a lot for a homebuyer. Therefore, you need to ensure your landscape is always tidy enough
  • Improve the property value of your home by adding usable space to your home

Beautifully, Trademark building company puts all these into consideration while building your dream home. So, with our homes, whether or not you choose to sell your home, it remains valuable.

Home remodeling services

Trademark homes are not only focused on building new houses. If your house is worn out and needs a little touch-up, then we're just one call away.

We also offer free home consultations for homeowners in Bloomfield Township, Bloomfield Hills and West Bloomfield to see if we can actually meet up with your home reservation needs or not.

Some of the home remodeling services we offer include:

Kitchen remodeling

If you ever decide to sell your home, remember, your kitchen and bathroom are the places that would make an impression. This helps us to recreate an amazing kitchen space for as many families as possible.

Trademark transform your kitchen so that your neighbors will be jealous. Our remodeling team can help create a color combination for the final walkthrough of your kitchen to ensure that everything is perfect the way you desire it.

Home additions

You probably love where you live right? But you just need more space or maybe one more room, or even a total makeover.

Not to worry, Trademark homes can make that happen.

Homeowners that have partnered with us can attest to the level of our quality craftsmanship we offer at amazing prices all for the beautiful people of Bloomfield. When you partner with us, you can rest assured we will create home spaces to suit your family's needs.

Basement remodeling

This is one of our signature remodeling services. If you're ready to reinvent your basement space, then you can contact us today to help you transform your unfinished basement into a comfortable living space.

If you're going to remodel, build, or buy your dream home, make sure you get your services from the best there is - Trademark . Rest assured it's a deal you'll love and appreciate for a long time.

Need Assistance Financing Your Dream Home?
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